1. The Dudes London shop opening

    Built in 5 days, we’re now open, 207 hackney road. Wednesday- Sunday (12h-19h) (Sunday 12h-18h)
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  2. Dirty melody records xxx triple vinyl summer 2021 mega release

    Summer 2021, although wrong in many ways, was very right in terms of Dirty Melody Records' drops #TripleWinTUBES vinyl The 3rd McBaise album TUBES ...
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  3. The Dudes X Lonely Island

    A remote

    Last year, a cool dude with a chill vibe walked into our shop

    We chat about this and that, and it turns out he’s a musician.

    “cool, what’s your band?”


    “Lonely Island”


    “vaguely rings a bell; what’s your most well-known song?”


    “I’m on a boat.”

    “huh, I know a song called that, but I doubt it’s the same”
    “this is what I’m thinking of”


    ‘yep, that’s the one.”

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


    Brews were sunk, and amusing stories were exchanged, amongst which was his favourite scene of his legendary 2007 movie “Hot Rod”.

    This cartoonish scene is a death duel between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich. ¯\(°_o)/¯

    And so began the collab between @thelonelyisland and @dudesfactory
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  4. Bright Tradeshows

    In 2017, The Dudes & Bulleit teamed up for the Bright tradeshow in Berlin to present their newest collection and host the official closing part...
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  5. Dead Pirates playing in the Dudes ol' shop's basement (awful sound - 2012)

    Opening of the Mcbess solo show, at the Dudes Factory, with his band: the Dead Pirates. The sound is awful but the video is cool. Oh the memor...
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  6. Dudes Factory invite McBess to paint the Berlin Wall (2011)

    The Dudes invite mcbess to paint the Berlin Wall.
    And a couple of Mexican Dudes spray more take care of the rest.
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