Cel Mates

Cel Mates is a collection of 4,207 unique illustrated convicts, eternally locked in the Ethereum prison blockchain.

Cel Mates are artworks that function as skeleton keys to the Steel Hose Penitentiary and the world of mcbess, entitling holders to exclusive discounts and a front-row seat to all that goes on in the mcbess multiverse. This members-only prison is a space for a counter-culture syndicate of creatives to hang out, learn, share and collaborate with others.

A primary focus on artwork and narrative gave this thriving community a strong foundation from the beginning, and Cel Mates remains an example of one of the best web3 communities to be found.

Cel Mates gather together with the team in the Steel Hose Penitentiary server in discord: Steel Hose Penitentiary

About Toilet Wine

the bad cuvée is really not nice.. but it does the job. A bit like me - jk i am not working lel

Officer Ricardo Pastos

About his job

not doing much, no warries. just chillin with my inmates i mean i am supposed to chase and all but it's friday innit?

Officer Ricardo Pastos