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Tubular Babe Odyssey

The turbulent emergence of The Tubular Babes into a world gone mad.
When we embarked on creating our first figurine, the Tubular Babe, we braced ourselves for the challenges that lay ahead. Our hunt for the perfect supplier felt like speed dating on steroids—countless candidates and oh-so-many samples!

Then, the Covid curveball complicated things even further, throwing production shutdowns and shipping delays our way. But hey, we were determined to bring our Tubular Babe to life, bumps and all.

We knew these handcrafted figurines could be demanding little divas with their multiple moulds and assembly steps. Still, we were committed to delivering a one-of-a-kind, top-notch product.

However, massive delays left us scrambling to ship our Babes, sacrificing that oh-so-important inspection time. When the Tubular Babes finally reached their new homes, we discovered a few weren't precisely runway-ready. As the saying goes —behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain. Well, we learned that lesson firsthand. But we have stepped up, ensuring a happy outcome for anyone who received a Babe that didn't quite make the cut.

Our Tubular Babe saga schooled us big time, and we were keen to flex our newfound expertise. Enter the dazzling new stars—Flash & Fresh Babes! With a supplier we've now established confidence in on speed dial and our communication game on point, we've got a better, faster, stronger production. And with Covid no longer the party pooper, these new Babes are prepping for their grand entrance, looking fab and ready to rock their new homes.

The Tubular Babe adventure has been a rollercoaster ride— finally, we feel it was worth it! Our quest for figurine perfection continues, and we're stoked to strut our stuff. Stay tuned for more fab figurine escapades!

Original Tubular Babe