Awesome ABCs launches at The Dudes

Awesome ABCs launches at The Dudes

The Dudes has been around since 2012, founded on the basis that we wanted more of the things we love in the world: music, art, fashion, great food and good times - and that’s reflected in everything we do.

Along the way, we’ve always looked for ways to include our nearest and dearest. After all, Dudes come in many shapes and sizes, and just because they may be smaller doesn’t mean they should lose out! So when illustrator and friend of The Dudes Andrew Morgan brought his Awesome ABCs book series to life, transforming the letters of the alphabet into colourful characters we know and love from the worlds of music and sport, it was a natural way for us to bring our little ones along for the ride and have fun learning in the process.

Awesome ABCs books includeThe Basketball Alphabet, The Football Alphabet, The Rap Alphabet, The Rock Alphabet and The Skateboard Alphabet.

As soon as the Awesome ABCs books landed in our Berlin store, they were an immediate hit with our Dudes customers. Now, we’re unleashing them on the world so that everyone can get their hands on these books for their little rockers, rappers or athletes in the making. 

Alongside the books, we’re also excited to announce the Awesome ABCs clothing range, a line created just for our little ones so they can rock the swag their mums and dads have been wearing for years now. Slated for release in the Autumn of 2024, you’ll soon be seeing loads more little people looking the part alongside their grown-up Dudes.

The creator of ‘Awesome ABCs’, Andrew Morgan, and the team behind The Dudes have been close since their ad agency days, long before building their own brands. They were creative minds in advertising, dreaming up brands with more humor and irreverence than usual. Fast forward to 2023, and they're turning those dreams into reality. It seemed like they were just hanging out, eating tacos, and having a pint or two, but they were actually laying the foundation for some great collabs. From film shoots to fundraisers and non-stop brainstorming, it was inevitable that their colorful and creative worlds would merge in this exciting collaboration – The ‘Awesome ABCs Collection’.

The Awesome ABCs collection, launching in Fall 24

Awesome ABCs books are available now online and in Dudes stores, the ideal gift for new mums and dads or for your very own little nippers. Keep your eyes open for more from the world of Awesome ABCs, and in the meantime, happy reading.

Awesome ABCs from The Dudes and Andrew Morgan