The Dudes Collectible Art Toy Fucky The Bear

The Dudes Collectible Art Toy Fucky The Bear

The Dudes & mcbess present their latest collectible art toy - the loveable NSFW character of Fucky the Bear.

Our latest collectible has landed - here's the story of our NSFW mascot and how he came to be. 

Longtime fans will know that this isn't our first foray into figurine creation. After mcbess' first figurines such as Les Viandardes and the Half Mermaid, we went all in with the Tubular Babe, sourcing suppliers ourselves and taking the leap into the deep end of small-scale sculpture.

Transforming the 'Babe from a mere concept into a highly detailed and delicate figurine was a challenging task which taught us hard-earned lessons at every step - all amid the global pandemic turmoil. From sculpting the figurine to assembly, delayed delivery times thanks to wider international logistics issues, quality control, packaging and shipping, we learned a lot and were grateful for the patience of our Dudes supporters and customers. It didn't go totally smoothly we'll admit, but we created something truly special with the Tubular Babe - and we hope that those of you who purchased one will agree.

Eager to build on what we learned, we're launching a new collection representing our brand's core, featuring a character who stays true to our roots but keeps evolving. Enter Fucky the Bear, the iconic mascot of The Dudes, a character widely recognised yet profoundly enigmatic.

Fucky emerged into our consciousness seemingly as a brainchild of McBess; however, Fucky is not your typical figment of imagination. He is a distinct yet universally present mental entity. A cosmic cocktail: one part satire, two shots of lunacy mixed with a hearty pour of indulgence, a dash of apathy and a twist of artistic genius.

With the design of mcbess completed, we turned to 3D artist & trusted collaborator Vincent Techer, and then enlisted the help of some true legends in the art toy space to help us ensure that the ambition could be realised the way we wanted it.

The pre-orders are open for Fucky the Bear Edition 1 now, but only for a limited time to ensure that production on the whole line starts on time - and ensuring a delivery to you in July 2024. 

So get a move on, throw up that IDGAF sign, and secure your Fucky the Bear figurine now at the special early bird price of €89.