The Dudes London shop opening

Built in 5 days, we’re now open, 207 hackney road. Wednesday- Sunday (12h-19h) (Sunday 12h-18h)

Heri OD and Alfonso conversing

After a couple of weeks of Dudes Emergency States with the sudden opening of our London shop, we are still processing the strange reality we find ourselves in.
We have a shop in Hackney London Central Dudes!
And we sincerely weren’t expecting it to be that neat.

The Dudes London ltd store's counter

Epic misadventure.
It all started already a while ago that this location was winking at us from it’s East London base. But it’s only 4 weeks before the opening date that the Hackney Council decided to finally grant us the permit to open (which used to be a cute laundry). This forced us into Dudes’ overdrive suicidal mode - Getting the shop open before November. Before the first rent. Because we got to pay the rent first.

5 days before opening
Lotsa planning and meetings beyond, the date of the opening set on the 22.10 would mean we’d have only 5 days on the field to make the rebuild happen. You’ll see below where we had to start from. Gives you an idea of the state of the team for a couple of weeks afterwards.

mcbess and waterman chillin

Also, our great friend Ugo came to cook his epic ness for us, triggering a whole other collection of fun doings before the crucial week. To had a tiny handicap, the goods got refused delivery service to London because of Brexit-induced massively overfilled customs entailing excruciatingly long waiting time + the skyrocketing of gasoline prices over there. We had to drive it ourselves.


Anyway this all worked out fine in the end - We made it and enjoyed a super nice party with you London Dudes! In the end Don Kastanien ended up on the roof top searching for the shop's key, which were never here. Crazy stuff, true story.


Partay 2!

Partay 3!

Check out the scene of the crime sometime, you'll be received by the ever charming Stevou which will take good good care of you, everytime.
What a dude.

Stevounou the Dude

The Dudes London store front