Aaaaand our brand new Stoney & Mates FW21 collection is finally here! Most of those pieces pay tribute to our beloved forest keeper STONEY THE BEAR, HE IS SO STONED, HE DOESN’T CARE, as shown in the following videos of him we miraculously succeeded to capture.

Forget about your useless life and reconnect with Mother Nature, Stoney & Mates! Incredible boys scout cookie-baker and talented shroom-hunter, Stoney is the party animal every forest should have around.

Be sure not to let the fire danger get too high; this freshly baked bear is usually off-duty.

Stay green and tuned for more Stoney's shenanigans very soon.

This was an official announcement from the department of natural resources of the Green Stoney Rockies park ranger office, reminding you to PLEASE STAY GREEN & SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL GROWER.

Park ranger Stoney, the bear.