Tubular Babe - Limited Edition figurine

Huge News for all dudes, particularly those of you who are art collectors.
Back in 2013, we released our first-ever figurine The Half Mermaid. This beauty graced us with her presence for less than 24hrs before she was whisked away by eager collectors.

half mermaid in mcbess' hand

Now 8 years on the time has finally come for the second Dudes figurine to be released.

sunset profil 3D tubular babe

This gorgeous lady is the first-ever full-colour figurine and more complex than her still stunning predecessors. She is also an ode to mcbaise latest album release "Tubes" which vinyls sold out before arriving at our doorstep.

Mcbaise Tubes pre-order product picture

Pre-order now to secure yours before she’s gone with the windfall.
If you miss this golden opportunity it might be possible to still find her, like her older siblings, on the collectors market for anywhere between 350€-2000€ (source: https://expressobeans.com/public/detail.php/180516)

drawing wip tubular babe

Here are her details:

Two paint finishes
16 cms solid body beaute, with weighted base
Edition of 1000
Figurine is 175€ / $ / £150
Estimated production time: 6 months.

The product pictures are the 3D mockups used by production to bring her to life.

The 3D artist who has sculpted this beauty is the same master who modelled The Half Mermaid.

sunrise profil tubular babe

Pre-order it now and receive a sweet pdf gift voucher to print at home and give to your lucky, and obviously, much loved one. It’s also great to treasure for yourself until she arrives.
This gift card will be sent to you within 3 working days of your purchase. We'll keep you updated on the whole production process as well.

Your Dudes

3/4 profil shot 3d model tubular babe