Le Comalito, Dudes & Tacqueria El Oso present...

Taco the town a Mezcalibre evento

Comalito logo

A Frenchman, an Italian and an Argentinian walk into a bar…
The barman asks "can I interest you in a queso Corona?"
The Frenchman replies "no thanks, we're here to guac your world. Juan way or another your venue is gonna be the taco the town."
Cheesy jokes aside this feastivity was Mexcellent!

Don Kastanien, mcbess & Ugo at Markthalle Pfefferberg

Let's taco about it (that's it, I promise.)

The aforementioned infamous talented illustrators converged in Berlin to share their wholehearted love of Mexican food, drinks, and their friends.

This led to an extremely funderful evening. There was supposed to be two events, but the first one destroyed everything. Proof of a good time. The star of this evening was really Ugo Gattoni, the Italian (he’s actually French). Illustrator for prestigious brands including Hermes, Cartier, Ruinart and many more, this provocative character has always invested his entire soul into his art, friendships and cooking. His passion for cooking has become even more intense with the opening of Le Comalito, his very own food brand. After spending years perfecting his craft, Ugo decided to travel the roads of France with his food truck to spread his joie de vivre through mouthwatering Mexican treats. And now it was Berlin’s turn to enjoy Ugo’s exceptional talents. And oh boy did we appreciate them.

Plates of paté de Pieuvre

We've got some footage to review before making a cool edit soon - we'll let you know as soon as it's ready to go.
In the meantime, if you around Berlin and wanted to check out the stage of the crime, check out Tacqueria El Oso, berlin best taco place by former Bird BBQ chef and professional meat geek Michael Haiden.

JS amazing waiter

plate of poulpo et encre de sèche

The 3 waiters shooting